More than a dozen people died from the coronivirus in Ohio, a state that has seen the worst outbreak of the disease.

In a Tuesday night news conference, Gov.

John Kasich said the new coronaviruses have hit Ohio hard, particularly among the elderly.

We have a lot of people who are very sick, who have a very hard time getting care,” he said.

We’ve seen the hardest hit areas in Ohio where the new virus is spreading, he added.

We need to find a way to bring those people back to the doctor and to the hospital.

Kasich said Ohio will not be the only state hit hard by the coronovirus, with other states in California, Georgia and New York all reporting similar numbers of cases.

The new coroniviruses are linked to the same strain that has been detected in Texas and the United Kingdom.

But the strain that is being detected in the U.S. is not linked to these outbreaks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not officially linked the coronave virus to the deaths in Ohio.

But Ohio health officials said the number of confirmed cases in the state has spiked since the outbreak began.

The state also announced it would extend its flu vaccination schedule, which will include the new flu strains, for two weeks from Nov. 1 through March 31.

It is the longest flu vaccine extension in the country.

Kasich also called on Americans to be alert for new coronave strains that could be circulating.

The CDC says a virus linked to coronaviral illness is spreading around the world and that coronavillosis can be transmitted through contact with infected people.

The outbreak has affected many countries, including the U-M Health system in Ann Arbor.

Ohio has been hit hard, including by a coronavaccine outbreak in February, which resulted in 10 deaths and two million illnesses, according to state officials.

The Ohio governor said he has been urging the public to be on the lookout for coronavirets as they enter the U, which he said could be coming from China, Pakistan, or elsewhere.


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