Winthrop car services is planning to shut down its cars at the end of February after a recent government shutdown and a state budget that would require it to shutter operations.

The company has long been one of the most conservative companies in the state.

But on Wednesday, Winthrop announced that it would suspend its fleet of cars and begin shutting down operations in mid-March.

The move comes as the state of Vermont has passed a bill that would end federal health care subsidies and require state-run health insurance exchanges to offer plans in which every American has coverage.

The winthrop service is one of several small businesses that will shut down or curtail operations after the state legislature passes a new health care law in late February.

The legislation would take effect in June.

Winthrop CEO John Burdett said that his company was not considering shutting down the fleet and that the shutdown would not affect the company’s other businesses.

“We have been in this business for nearly 50 years,” Burdets said.

“Winthrop has a long history of being an uncompetitive company that is unwilling to invest in our employees and we do not want to do that.” “

In addition to this new health insurance requirement, there are significant provisions that will impact our operations,” he added.

“Winthrop has a long history of being an uncompetitive company that is unwilling to invest in our employees and we do not want to do that.”

Winthrop has owned the Winthrop Service Center, a car dealership, since 1984.

It employs roughly 300 people, according to its website.

Winfield has owned Winthrop Cars since 1986, according the company.

The car service’s employees are also in the process of being laid off, according a news release from Winthrop.

Winstons employees will have a 30-day notice of the company shutting down if the company does not resume operations within 60 days, the release stated.

Winston was founded in 1879 by Winthrop founder Thomas Winthrop and his wife, Susan.

Winstedt opened the business with a small fleet of 1,000 vehicles, the company said in a statement.

Winstock said it will offer a variety of car services in its store and at its nearby headquarters.

“It is vitally important that Winthrop employees remain focused on providing quality service and being available to the community as they work every day to serve our customers and their families,” Winston said in the statement.


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