What’s your career in the nursing field?

Careers in nursing are changing.The number of people with a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing has risen dramatically over the past decade.The profession is growing rapidly, and many are now taking up jobs as a result.But in many ways, these jobs are changing in the ways that nursing traditionally was.And for the many people […]

When the military’s armored car program is done: Will it be worth it?

In the wake of the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon and the military have been grappling with whether the armored car could be used to fight the insurgency.The Army is in the midst of developing a new generation of military vehicles that could be retrofitted to carry the latest and greatest weapons systems, but the […]

Free car hauling company offers career services to drivers

Car hauling companies offer career services for drivers through the Freedom Car Service, which has raised more than $7.5 million in seed funding and will expand to 100 cities and states over the next three years.The company is currently accepting applications from people who want to learn more about their career opportunities and offer them […]

How do you know if a car is worth the money you pay for?

You have probably heard about car insurance companies that charge a premium for the privilege of driving in your own home.You might also know that the car insurance industry is rife with fraud and misappropriation.But what about those car insurance agents who pretend to be licensed and insured and then take advantage of the people […]

Why are car loans on the rise?

CAR SERVICE ANTICIPATION: There are more than 2.3 million car loans in Australia, according to the Australian National Car Loan Foundation (ANLCF), a consumer advocate group.That’s up from 1.7 million in 2007.But that number is likely to continue to increase.“The industry has done a phenomenal job of developing its consumer finance services,” ANLCF chief executive […]

How to choose the right car for your life

If you’re looking for a car for the long haul, look no further than this article.With thousands of cars available in the market, it’s a huge field.But if you’re a new car owner looking to start a family, this article might be just the place to start.Read More…How do you find the right life car?Here […]

Black Car Service Launches in NYC, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta

New York City is the latest city to launch its own Black Car service.The New York Times reports that the company, which operates in some 20 cities across the US, announced plans to launch a new service in Portland, Maine.The service will be available in Portland’s Northgate neighborhood and will begin rolling out later this […]

When the Germans take the reins in the future, they’ll probably have no clue how to ride an autonomous car

Dejoys Car Service, which provides car services in Germany, is in talks with car makers and car manufacturers about developing self-driving cars.The car maker is partnering with car manufacturers to create self-powered cars and will build them in Germany.The cars would be able to drive themselves from one point to another.A self-driven car can be […]

How to find the best career path for your family

CARSON, Calif.— The most common career path is to have a job in your twenties.But for those who want to work their way up, it’s not always easy.In the case of the younger generation, there are three choices: 1.Get a degree.2.Take on a full-time job.3.Start a business.That’s the advice from the National Association of Career […]


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