More than 300 Honda cars will have new safety technology to assist them in the driverless vehicle era, the Japanese automaker announced in a new report.

The Honda Intelligent Mobility System (HIMS) has already been used in the Honda Fit, and will be used on the new Honda Fit Plus and its successor, the Honda Insight.

The technology, which is based on the Honda Intelligent Driving System, allows the car to monitor a vehicle’s surroundings, and automatically take over driving duties if needed.

The system also uses “virtual reality” to allow the car driver to be in control of the vehicle, and the car’s onboard computer will control it if necessary.

The new system is also being tested on the latest generation of the Honda Civic, and is expected to be fully rolled out in 2021.

Honda’s Intelligent Mobility system will be the first in the world to have a “driver” mode, which allows the driver to switch between the vehicle’s human and machine modes.

This will allow the vehicle to automatically take control of vehicles in emergency situations, and help it avoid collisions and collisions.

The automaker said the system also allows the vehicle operator to control the vehicle itself, so the driver can also “drive the car” and “operate the vehicle”.

It is also said to allow for a more comfortable driving experience, which will include a new “haptic feedback” system that is able to detect objects in the vehicle.HIMI is also reportedly being tested in the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which Honda says will also be equipped with a driver-assistance system.

The new system will allow for “autonomous lane keeping, turning, steering, parking and accelerating”.

While the new driver-less technology has been tested in other cars, Honda has been able to take advantage of the technology to drive in the same manner as humans.

The company says the new system, called Honda Intelligent Autonomous Driving, will also allow for the driver-to-be-in-control of the car and control it in an emergency situation, and when necessary, to take over.

“Honda will be using its advanced system to enable the autonomous driving capability in the 2018 Honda Civic and the 2018 and 2020 Honda Insight,” Honda said in a statement.

“The HSI system will also enable the driver and vehicle to control and operate the vehicle in an autonomous way, such as in emergency circumstances, if necessary.”

The company also said the HSI will be available in a “limited” form, which could be purchased separately.


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