Walmart car services are just getting started, but they’re already seeing a strong surge in customer numbers.

A new report from the company claims to have more than 4 million monthly customers, and more than 3 million of them are in the U.S.

The company’s service is currently available to all U.K. customers, including a limited number of people in the UK and Ireland.

The service is available on the UPC-based Wal-Mart Car Service platform, and there are no plans to bring the service to the UPDAs or Smart TVs that currently run the service.

The Wal-mart Car Service is available to a limited audience in the United States, but not in the States.

The company says the service is limited to about 1,000 customers per day, and only one per week.

The platform was acquired by the Walt Disney Company last year, but it’s not clear how many of the existing customers will continue to receive the service when the service becomes available to everyone.

The U.C. Berkeley researchers also claim to have tracked Wal-marts car service activity over the past six months, which indicates the company is making progress.

In addition to the monthly figures, the company has also reported that it has a much higher level of participation on the platform, which includes drivers participating in live-streams and driving simulations.

The study notes that drivers are able to earn points through the process, but this is not yet tracked.

In its earnings call last week, Wal-Marts CEO Craig McMillon said that the company was “getting really close” to fulfilling its customers’ needs, and said that Wal-Store “has more than enough capacity” to meet its customers.

Wal-Merchants CEO Scott Smith has been vocal about the potential for more automation in the auto business, and recently announced that the automaker plans to introduce driverless cars in 2019.

The service is free for new customers, but the company’s $39.99 monthly fee will apply for those who renew.

It’s available to current customers in the US, and is available in more than 60 countries.


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