In the wake of the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon and the military have been grappling with whether the armored car could be used to fight the insurgency.

The Army is in the midst of developing a new generation of military vehicles that could be retrofitted to carry the latest and greatest weapons systems, but the military has yet to formally decide on whether or not it will continue to develop its own armored vehicles.

With the Afghan war winding down and the Pentagon having lost its appetite for expensive new weapons, the military appears ready to retire the old armored cars and turn their focus to developing the new generation.

“The Army has been in the process of evaluating a number of options for the development of a new armored vehicle to replace the aging M113 armored vehicle, and it’s a process that’s ongoing,” Lt.

Gen. Jeffery J. Buchanan, the Army’s deputy chief of staff for program planning and engineering, told the House Armed Services Committee.

“It’s a lot of work, and we’re making progress.”

According to a recent study by the RAND Corporation, the current generation of armored vehicles is only about 10 years old, and the Army has about 40 vehicles left on the assembly line.

“Over the last three years, we’ve completed over 1,000 armored vehicle projects,” Lt-Gen. Buchanan told lawmakers.

“We’ve had a lot more vehicles completed than we thought we would have.

And we’re continuing to look at every aspect of how to best transition those vehicles to a new combat vehicle.”

One key to the Army turning to new armored vehicles may be the Army Corps of Engineers.

According to the RAND study, the Corps has estimated that it needs about 20 years to produce all the new Army vehicles.

“A new armored transport vehicle will take three to five years to develop, and at least five years for the vehicle to reach the market,” the study stated.

“In addition, the vehicles will have to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions, including extreme weather, battlefield exposure, and even the threat of biological weapons.”

According, the U.S. military is expected to have 20,000 new armored personnel carriers in the next five years.

The report estimated that by 2025, the Navy could have an estimated 3,200 new amphibious vehicles.

It also noted that the Army is working on a new transport that could replace the M113.

The Pentagon’s desire to retire old equipment is part of a broader effort to get new vehicles into the hands of troops in the future.

“You can get an idea of what’s going on when you look at the Army,” Maj. Gen., Andrew G. Lees, a spokesman for the Army, told Newsweek.

“There’s an enormous amount of work that needs to be done on this.”

The Pentagon has been working on the concept of a fleet of armored personnel carrier vehicles, known as a M-2, since the mid-1980s.

The M-1 is the Army version of the M-18 tank, and is used by U.K. troops.

The U.N. recently awarded the Army contracts worth $15.5 billion for the delivery of the new M-5 armored personnel vehicle.

The new M1 and M-4 are both powered by diesel engines.

The first M-8, or the M4A1, was fielded in the early 1980s.

It is an improved version of an M-6 tank, which the Army already uses.

The current M-12 is an upgraded version of that vehicle.

However, the M1A1 is meant to replace older M-10 tanks.

The newest M-15 is an M2, a new version of a tank that replaces the M10 tank.

The initial M-3 was a modified M-16, which was designed to replace M-20s.

“If the Army wants to keep all these vehicles on the road, the time to do that is after they have the capability to field a full-fledged armored brigade,” Lees said.

“They will have the ability to deploy troops in a crisis.

We’ve seen in the past, the Marines and the Special Forces have been very successful at doing that.”

While the Army continues to build its own new armored transportation vehicles, other countries have been able to produce the vehicles that the U,S.

Army needs.

The United Kingdom has the M16, the Netherlands has the Leopard 2, France has the S-400, and China is currently in the planning stages of building its own version of both the M2 and M4.

While the U of A is building its new M4, the United Kingdom is planning on making it available to other nations who want to buy it.

“For a long time, there have been only three countries in the world that have ever produced an M4,” Leys said.

In fact, there are only five countries in world that currently produce the M3, which


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