Which cars are best for college students?

The best cars for college-age students vary widely, with many cars including SUVs, pickups and vans available to students on college campuses across the U.S. and Canada.The cars that are the best for students are not always the most expensive, but they tend to be a bit more fuel efficient and they can handle some […]

How to find the best car wash services in Australia

A car wash can help you to get a car off the road faster, but car wash employees can also give you a better experience, according to research from the University of Sydney.Key points:Car wash workers can offer car repair and maintenance services to clients and can even deliver on the promise of a free […]

How to get rid of your dirty car parts

Car shipping services in the Philippines will soon begin selling their cars from their warehouses to people who want to use them for fun and recreation, rather than as storage for precious metals.The new car-sharing service, Matamoros Car Service, says it will allow people to take a car from one location to another for free […]

How do you know if a car is worth the money you pay for?

You have probably heard about car insurance companies that charge a premium for the privilege of driving in your own home.You might also know that the car insurance industry is rife with fraud and misappropriation.But what about those car insurance agents who pretend to be licensed and insured and then take advantage of the people […]

Why are car loans on the rise?

CAR SERVICE ANTICIPATION: There are more than 2.3 million car loans in Australia, according to the Australian National Car Loan Foundation (ANLCF), a consumer advocate group.That’s up from 1.7 million in 2007.But that number is likely to continue to increase.“The industry has done a phenomenal job of developing its consumer finance services,” ANLCF chief executive […]

Black Car Service Launches in NYC, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta

New York City is the latest city to launch its own Black Car service.The New York Times reports that the company, which operates in some 20 cities across the US, announced plans to launch a new service in Portland, Maine.The service will be available in Portland’s Northgate neighborhood and will begin rolling out later this […]

When the Germans take the reins in the future, they’ll probably have no clue how to ride an autonomous car

Dejoys Car Service, which provides car services in Germany, is in talks with car makers and car manufacturers about developing self-driving cars.The car maker is partnering with car manufacturers to create self-powered cars and will build them in Germany.The cars would be able to drive themselves from one point to another.A self-driven car can be […]

Good Car Service’s ‘Grocery List’ Gets a Whole New Look

POLITICO 5/3/2018 5:49:52In the first two years of this brand new year, Good Car service will be making its debut with its “Groceries List.”This curated collection of restaurants and grocery stores has been a staple in the company’s website since its launch back in 2014.The website now has an entire section for “Gastronomy,” a curated […]

The New Orleans Saints will sign defensive end Terrance Knighton to a four-year, $60 million deal

The New England Patriots have reached a contract extension with defensive endTerrance Knightons salary cap hold.Knighton will earn $12 million in 2018 and $12.5 million in 2019.His deal is for four years and $60M with $15M guaranteed.The contract will be a one-year deal.It will pay him $7.25 million per season.Knightons cap hold is $4.8M.

How to pay for car care services in the United States

Cars are often the ultimate investment for American families.It’s easy to see why.After all, they are so convenient and inexpensive to own.But what about the rest of the car?For that matter, how do you pay for everything from gas to insurance?And even if you have a car, how can you afford to replace it every […]


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