How you can get your car serviced by a car carrier service in New York City

New York city car service CAR is offering car carrier services to people in need, in a bid to attract more new customers to the service.Car service providers in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia are also offering CAR services.Car carrier services are similar to car rental agencies, but CAR has a higher […]

Why you should get a car, hire an Uber or Lyft for free

In the past year, the number of drivers and passengers on the road in the U.S. has increased by 30 percent.That’s thanks in large part to the rise of the self-driving car.That means more people are sharing their cars and making their own connections, and in the process, driving fewer miles on the roads.However, there […]

How Foster Care Services Became the Worst in America

Foster care services were once an affordable, accessible, and well-integrated option for families seeking to keep a baby.Now, with the financial crisis and increasing health care costs, many families struggle to afford the care they need.In addition to their financial struggles, many have seen their loved ones suffer as they seek care, leading to the […]

A car rental company is using a fake account to post fake news

Posted by Google News India on Tuesday, November 06, 2017 17:23:31 A car hire company in the Indian city of Bangalore is reportedly using an account to make fake news.The company, which is called Car Rental Services, is using the handle of a user called “Fernando” on Instagram.Fernandes profile says he’s the manager of the […]

How to avoid costly ER visits for patients with heart disease

Patients with heart problems are more likely to have costly, complicated ER visits and visits to other doctors than those with other chronic conditions, according to a new study published online by the American College of Cardiology.The study found that heart patients with diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are twice as likely to face […]

The Best Cars for the Most Popular People

Car service and transportation services in the United States have a wide variety of options, but most are expensive.To help you narrow your choices, we’ve rounded up some of the best cars for the most popular people.1.Ford F-150 Raptor The Ford F150 Rapton is the ultimate vehicle for the urban cowboy.The F-250 Raptor and F-350 […]

How to buy a new executive car, says the CEO

A car service company that has been on the verge of closing its doors in a bankruptcy filing has been acquired by an American car company that specializes in leasing out cars.A source familiar with the deal said on Thursday that a private equity firm, Ballyhoo Ventures, acquired the company, which had been owned by […]

Child care services available in Israel’s new ‘mobile car service’

Israel’s mobile car services will be available in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by the end of the year.The new “mobile car” service will offer car-sharing, taxi rides, public transportation, and other services to provide childcare, health care and other needs to children and adults.According to Israel Radio, the service will be the first such service […]


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